2005_Houston_08_hr webDid you know that a 30-minute walk in the water is equivalent to a two-hour walk on land? Water resistance offers an excellent opportunity for muscle toning and body sculpting. Water also cools the body during exercise, which reduces stress on the heart and reduces the risk of injury by lessening the impact on weight-bearing joints, muscles, and bones.

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Shallow Water Classes

A moderate-to-high cardiovascular workout that combines water resistance exercises and aerobic activity for a total body workout. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 6:45am.
A mild cardiovascular workout using water resistance to improve range of motion, muscular strength, and flexibility. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 7:30am. 
This class provides less impact than walking on land. The focus is on endurance, mobility, and therapeutic conditioning. This class meets Monday, WednesdayFriday at 8:15am AND TuesdayThursday at 8:15am
A non-aerobic class designed to work each joint through its range of motion to increase range of motion and strength in joints. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 9:00am AND Tuesday, Thursday at 9:00am
This shallow water, intermediate intensity, moderate impact class includes water resistance exercises designed to build a cardiovascular workout. It incorporates the strengthening of all muscle groups and an increase in joint flexibility. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00am
Ease anxiety & stress; improve muscle strength & flexibility while gently aligning the joints. Enhancing balance & strength while calming the mind. This class meets Tuesday, Thursday at 11:00am.
A class designed for people with MS to help with daily functions. Workouts are designed to increase muscular strength and mobility. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11:00am.

This group is sponsored by Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and is free to those who have MS. For enrollment information / forms please see the Aquatics Director.   MS foundation logo

Designed specifically for those suffering from Fibromyalgia and/or chronic pain. Class concentrates on muscular strength, flexibility, and aerobic exercise. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11:30am 
The standard arthritis class with an added low intensity aerobic workout. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 12:15pm

Deep Water Classes

An intense and refreshing workout that strengthens the cardiovascular system and conditions the entire body. This fitness class combines elements from shallow water workouts for a total body workout. Exercise intensity is moderate to high. This class meets Tuesday, Thursday at 6:00am
A class geared to train your cardiovascular system as well as give you a total body workout with no impact. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 8:30am or 9:30am or 10:30am AND Tuesday, Thursday at 8:00am or 9:00am or 10:00am
This class combines deep and shallow water exercise for a total workout. This class meets Monday, Wednesday, Thursday at 7:00pm.
High intensity deep water interval training. Blast calories and tone muscles using 360 degrees of resistance. Warm-up followed by a series of times exercise sequences coordinated to music and finally a cool down. Class sessions will alternate between Tabata and Boot Camp. This class meets Tuesdays at 7:00pm.
Exercise energized with music for a fun fitness workout. Classes focus on objectives such as cardiovascular, strength, toning, endurance, balance & flexibility. We utilize shallow & deep water to promote overall wellness while using the properties of water to lessen the impact on our bodies. This class meets Saturdays at 7:30am.

Days Class MeetsMember RatePotential Member Rate
3 Days per Week$18.00$57.00
2 Days per Week$12.00$51.00
1 Day per Week$6.00$45.00


For more information please contact Bethany Williard, Aquatics Director, at 336.387.9622.